Dear one

imagining the move to New York City,

magnetized and terrified

because it outstretches your resources,

challenges your certainties,

it’s somewhere you’ll have to grow into —

do it.

The world packed in to an 8-mile island,

nowhere to expand but up,

ambition its lifeblood: its monuments

will keep…

Made in a quiet land

The heart-land

Indiana small town

Knit by seasons of extremes —

Summers you could wring out like a sponge,

Winters that freeze even breath,

That taught her what can grow in dark silence

Torn by war

That took her father of six across the sea

May division humble us

into radical attention.

Confusion become curiosity,

Exasperation evolve into compassion,

Anger grow into wonder.

May difference become a mystery worth entering.

May our certainties be spacious enough

for doubts, questions, reformation,

Our identities be rooted in the love

by which, for which, through which we fight.

Nicole Meline

Creator, ALTER movement practice + podcast / Artist / Athlete / Mystic / Mentor /

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